CaveToKingdom 0.75

Plays a 3D mass-online strategy game, creating a kingdom
0.75 beta (See all)

For days and nights they fought, and all lost hope that this war would once be over, as this was the greatest war they had seen. Scared and confused, people refused to surrender, because they loved their King and they loved their Queen, who had always looked after them. The people did not run when the blazing summer sun burned their skin, and they did not run when the autumn storms came. In the winter, they still were on the battle field, almost freezing and with no supplies, while the enemies kept coming and coming, stronger and even more ferocious. They did not run because their King was fighting by their side, and their Queen was taking care of the wounded, and how could have they betrayed the Royal Family. Even if the many were hungry and afraid for their lives in this never-ending war, they had never considered fleeing.

When the spring sun warmed the fields, hope was back and it looked like the victory was not an impossible dream anymore. The enemy finally seemed to slowly retreat, and all everyone was talking about was peace, and crops, and weddings, because, you see, spring was the season of new beginnings. But fate has its own plans and we, humans, cannot ever truly understand how everything can change in the blink of an eye.

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